Base Camp



Strait of Terradets is localted northeast from Barcelona, a two-hour drive.

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The road throught the strait give access to the valleys of the Catalonian Central Pyrenees.

Les Bruixes

Apart from the big walls up to 500 m., this area also have very good options for sport climbing, for example the “Bruixes” wall at the same strait or the “Sant Linya” cave, 25 km from the Base camp.

Terradets access

The access tot the wall where the rally takes place is easy thanks to the road at the base of the mountain and to the parking of the Bagasses Spring, where the checkpoint is mounted.

Climbing down

Climbing down from the rally routes at the Bagasses wall is easy and fast.


Base camp is located at the Hotel Terradets (km 75 of Road C13 from Balaguer to Tremp) only 3 km north from the base of the wall.

Registration, dossier distribution, briefing, audiovisuals are carried out in the Hotel Terrace where sponsors’ tents are located as well.

The Award dinner is hold at the Hotel Restaurant. Hotel also provides participants with showers and van parking.

The Hotel bar has a small corner with books of information about the Terradets climbing routes and walls.

Hotel Terradets offers special discount in accommodation to climbers mentioning our rally.

Hotel Terradets

Hotel Terradets, beside the lake, is the perfect base camp for climbing on the local walls.

Sponsor Village

Organitzation and Sponsor tents are mounted at the swimming-pool of the Hotel.

Climbers' corner

Hotel Terradets has a free use corner for climbers with information in books and notes about the routes from others climers.

Slack Line

The swimming-pool is available to rest or relax after climbing.